I’m Gonna Be Ready

I say a prayer every night
Whatever i do, ill get it right
With no regret, no guilt or shame this time (no not this time)
Once i surrender, i wont dare look back
cause if i do, ill get off track
Move ahead in faith
And patiently await your answer
What will it be

Sight beyond what i see
You know whats best for me
Prepare my mind, prepare my heart
For whatever comes, im gone be ready
Strength to pass any test
I feel like im so blessed
With you in control, i cant go wrong
cause i always know
Im gonna be ready

I was free to do what i wanted to
Lost everything, but i still had you
You showed me your grace
Now my lifes renewed and i thank you (yes.. i thank you)
So ill tell anyone wholl listen, ill testify
About how good you were to me when so call friends passed me by
The fact that you would show somebody so broke down
So much mercy…


So use me as you will
Ill pay the price
cause made the ultimate sacrifice
Its all because of you that i even have life
And ill give my love as a tribute to how great you are…


Im gonna be ready(x3)
Im gone…be ready

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