Sport That Raincoat

Intro/Chorus: (x2)
What my homies gon’ do when your sexin a freak?
(I’m gon’ sport that raincoat!)
And what my ladies gon’ do when you’re gettin a piece?
(Make him sport that raincoat!)
Now what makes the world go round besides cheques
Everybody give it to me (S E X)
And if it’s the bomb it’ll blow your mind
Even got a number fool it’s 69
Coochie coochie coochie coo
Gotta little somethin that you all should do
Ain’t no thang but a chicken wing
Sport a raincoat when you play in the rain
Chorus (x2)
Where your minds at, homies? Cos the old days passed
Need a lot more than a shot in your ass
Cure this stuff up today
Yeah, no syphillis, son, that murderer
A-I-D-to the S, take a guess
Where the brush stick and you might take a rest
Caught forever, there’s no cure, not a bit
Dyin off quick cos you’re careless with the dick
but umm, who’s to blame? Say your name
and hope it feel good the last time that you play
Brushsticks and clits don’t mix unless you’re married
And nowadays, even that’s straight scary
Cos a hoochie got a thing about fillin mad holes
So they good for the sex stroll
And it could be your best friend wit the quickness
So grab a firefighter about some business
Chorus (x2)
Now to the ladies of the world, here’s a tip for you
When you’re wit your homeboy and you’re doin your do
He be runnin that trash, «You can trust me, baby»
Next time he say it, say «Fool, you’re crazy»
It use to be diseases that could make you sick
but now it’s diseases that’ll kill you quick
And it do what it takes just to make it well
Cos sweet potato pie is the favorite dessert
Chorus (x2)
Yo, yo, yo, this is a message to all the honeys and the homies
Ah, don’t touch the rain without the raincoat
If you’re down wit it, follow me
Sooky, sooky, la-la-la
Sooky, sooky, everybody
Sooky, sooky, la-la-la
Sooky, sooky, uhh
Said sooky, sooky, la-la-la
Sooky, sooky, uhh, yeah
Sooky, sooky, la-la-la
Sooky, sooky, flip tha page-uhh
Chorus to fade

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