Lost Without You

Lost without you

came in on an East Wind
holding on to a Western dream
looking over my shoulder
saw a man who remembered me
didn’t stop there to reminisce
didn’t give him the time
on my own in a city grim
thoughts of my home again
rushing out while i’m rushing in
i’m lost without you

lost without you

took a train to another course
a slow pace would do me good
rolling through someone’s heart land
dirty clothes lying in the mids
up a head in the ten yards
under clouds in the dark
speeding under the hot-steel years
i’m lost without you

lost without you

i can see my face as i’m leaving you
every line so out of pace
everything so true
while i sleep alone, never sleep through
turning over what we said
like it something new
i’m lost without you

a far cry from Hollywood
no ties in the neighbourhood
only dead in a sparrow’s heart
i flew out like a new cuckoo
have the push of a quick start
sailed on innocence and wind
on my own in the cold and dark
lost without you

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